Thoughts from a mummy of 2 is a great blog written by a mummy of two.. Nat writes from the heart, from experience and with love!

My name is Natalie Fedrigo (but you can call me Nat) and I am a mum of two energetic, outgoing and unique little girls, Olivia and Ariana. Olivia is almost five years old and about to begin Kindergarten. Ariana is my baby, three years old and attends preschool, but above all, idolises her big sister.

Before you read Thoughts from a mummy of 2 – please remember that I am no expert, just a mum! Take everything I say with a grain of salt… I hope you enjoy reading about my thoughts and experiences! Feel free to comment or send any feedback about my blogs or anything you would like to see on an upcoming blog by emailing:

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